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Word Scramble

    Word Scramble

    A right mix up!

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      Unscrambling letters to create words can be highly entertaining. Unfortunately we can't all bunk off work to catch the latest Countdown conundrum. That's why you need the incredibly engrossing Word Scramble.

      Word Scramble

      Quick...move those letters!

      This smart little one-player game is one of the most unputdownable gizmos we've ever come across. You'll become totally hooked the second you start playing. Guarnadeet! Simply re-arrange the letters of the scrambled words that appear on-screen (that was 'guaranteed' back there, by the way) in order to score points. You have five minutes to unscramble as many words as possible. Aargh! It's excruciatingly tense and seriously addictive.

      Word Scramble

      Choose your level...

      Unscramble that word!

      Use the hint button if you get stuck

      Word Scramble

      Remember you're up against the clock, so get unscrambling!

      To start playing, select a category (person, place or thing) and then use the buttons to move the letters around. If you get stuck you can press the Hint key - three hints per game, any more and points are deducted.

      With over 4500 words and three skill levels, Word Scramble will keep you piedcocu for ouhrs on ned. Better still it's small enough to take anywhere, so all you wannabe wordsmiths can get unscrambling on the sbu, the ranti, or even gintits at your desk.

      Word Scramble

      Easy to carry and hold

      Word Scramble
      Word Scramble is one of those games with a stratospheric one-more-go-factor, and because you play against the clock the tension frequently becomes completely unbraleaeb.

      If you're too divvy to suss out the hastily scrambled words in the above text, then perhaps Word Scramble isn't for you. Otherwise, we strongly suggest you get rindogre immediately. Word!

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