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Wooden Robotic Dinosaurs
  • Wooden Robotic Dinosaurs

Wooden Robotic Dinosaurs

Take ‘em for a walk

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    Close up of wooden pieces

    Jurassic bark?!

    Here are three things you don’t see together very often: robotics, carpentry and 65 million year old giant lizards. But for Wooden Robotic Dinosaurs they work brilliantly. Part jigsaw puzzle, part history lesson, these detailed sets can be assembled into walking, chomping dinos. And they can even be set to react to sound. So they’re pretty nifty as security guards, too.

    Choose from the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Mammoth or Triceratops. Each one has been carefully crafted to move like a real live dinosaur (or big hairy elephant) with opening jaws, swinging tails, and realistic walking movement. Made from natural wood, they’re as great on display as they are at terrorising the cat.
    Wooden Robotic Dinosaurs

    L-R: Stegosaurus and Triceratops

    Wooden Robotic Dinosaurs

    L-R: T-Rex and Mammoth

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