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Wood Bulb
  • Wood Bulb

Wood Bulb

Genius of the lamp

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    A wooden lightbulb? That makes about as much sense as a treacle front door. But don’t knock it (boom boom!) because the ingenious Wood Bulb is actually a phenomenally stylish designer lamp.

    Brought to you by Barend Hemmes via our imaginative pals at Suck UK, this giant lightbulb is crafted from laser-cut plywood, which leaves a crisp burned edge and creates a satisfying, waffle-like glow. Just pop in, erm, a lightbulb and you’re good to go. Hang it from the ceiling or lay it on its side, art installation styley. You know, you’re just sooo trendy.

    Use as a floor lamp Hang from the ceiling Holding the Wood Bulb

    Use as a cool floor light...

    or hang from the ceiling

    Mr Edison would be proud!

    With traditional lightbulbs losing out in favour of those ugly eco-friendly monstrosities, there’s never been a better time to celebrate an everyday design classic. Flick on this wooden colossus and every moment will be a lightbulb moment. How illuminating!

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