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Withings Aura - Smart Sleep System

Are you a <i>light</i> sleeper?

Product not available at the moment.
  • Track and improve your sleep from dusk until dawn
  • Touch-sensitive bedside lamp and discreet under-mattress sensor
  • Gently drift off to sleep with the soothing sunset program
  • Wake up at the optimum part of your sleep cycle, rested and fresh
  • Dedicated power-nap program! Recharge your body and mind
  • Built-in Hi-Fi speaker, clock and USB port for charging smartphones
  • Heaps more effective than being shocked awake in the dark
Scientists tell us that we sleep for about a third of our lives. A third! While some people might see this is a horrendous revelation, it feels like the vast majority of us can only dream of such high-quality slumber. The Withings Aura - Smart Sleep System is here to help you understand what's stopping you from getting a good night's rest and set you back on the path to the land of nod.

Combining the feedback from a slimline sensor under your mattress and a futuristic-looking bedside device; Aura paints a detailed picture of your bedroom environment – taking into account light, sound, temperature, as well as your body movement, breathing cycle and heart-rate.

Come sunrise, all of this rich data is presented to you on the beautiful intuitive app so you can actually visualise your sleep cycles and get a better understanding of what impacts your forty winks.

With this powerful knowledge you can use Aura to effortlessly create your own personalised sleep and wake-up programs:
  • Gently drift off with Aura's narrow red light spectrum – free of the Melatonin-inhibiting wavelengths that keep you awake
  • Have Aura wake you up with a soothing blue light during the optimum stage in your sleep cycle so you feel fresh and alert instead of murderously tired
  • There's even a dedicated power-nap program, designed to help you doze off whenever you need a quick re-charge
As if all this wasn't enough; the touch-sensitive bedside light lets you dim the brightness with a gentle caress and it's even fitted with a high-quality Hi-Fi speaker and USB port to charge your smartphone.

Stop finding yourself staring at the ceiling until the small hours, only to be shocked awake in the dark by a deafening alarm clock. Drift off peacefully and wake up naturally with this revolutionary smart sleep system.

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