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Wireless Media Stick
  • Wireless Media Stick

Wireless Media Stick

Full stream ahead!

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    Wireless Media Stick in PC

    Automatically grabs network details from your computer...

    Wouldn’t it be cool if you could stream the movies, pics and music stored on your PC, Mac and Android-powered gizmos straight into any device with a USB port? You can thanks to HTSi’s Wireless Media Stick, and it’s easier than pulling up your pants (they said, with both legs in that bit where your dongle goes).

    No bigger than a Viennese finger but twice as tasty, this award-winning sliver of tech utilises patented oojamaflippery to stream stored media from your computer via your WiFi network to any device with a USB port – and these days that can mean anything, from your TV and games console to your BluRay/DVD player, sound system, set top box, digital photo frame and more.

    Wireless Media Stick in TV

    ...Then transfers content wirelessly over the network to your TV, console, or Media Player!

    Unlike similar gizmos the Wireless Media Stick doesn’t store media on-board; it acts a conduit, whooshing it effortlessly into your player of choice. Simply pop it in your computer to sync with your network, then plug it into your telly/whatever and stream away. It’s easy peasy USBsy.

    Just think, armed with this titchy stick you can watch downloaded movies on your big flash telly, whoosh home movies to your PlayStation or zing pics to your digital photo frame. Or why not celebrate your media’s new-found freedom by dancing a jig as you stream endless playlists to your sound system. The possibilities are endless.

    But what about all that media languishing in your fancy-pants Android-powered gizmos? Rejoice because the Wireless Media Stick has a cool feature which allows you to stream that too. Ooh, a fresh and impromptu video of the boss tripping over the bin – on a 42” TV. Home entertainment just doesn’t get any better. Stream on!

    Wireless Media Stick connection diagram

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