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Winner Slate Bed Pool Table
  • Winner Slate Bed Pool Table

Winner Slate Bed Pool Table

Throw your very own pool parties

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    How cool would it be to have a pro-standard pool table in your house? Exactly. After all, who hasn't fantasised about inviting a load of mates round for a few frames on a pristine, beautifully built table.

    And we're not talking about some flimsy, cheapo affair. We're talking about a top quality Winner Slate Bed Pool Table. This World Championship table is available in a free-play version and it features everything you'd expect to find on a top-notch table, except perhaps the fag burns, lager stains and tilt to the left (although you're welcome to add all that should you wish).

    Just think, with this superlative slab of sporting equipment sitting in your gaff you can wave goodbye to all those cue-wielding 'winner stays on' oiks and pesky toilet-goers who always seem to nudge you at match-winning moments.

    Although playing pool is a highly sociable affair, your mates aren't going to get the practice in like you are, so with time, effort and some well-placed wagers, this thing could pay for itself. Result! And if you do decide to leave the house for a game down the pub, you should, thanks to hours of practice, cruise to victory.

    Made to order, the Winner Slate Bed Pool Table is skilfully crafted in veneered MDF with metal corners, quality cushions and smooth-as-silk cloth, and comes complete with US pool balls, a triangle, chalk and two cues. Why, it's so gorgeous to behold you might just want to sit and stare at it all day.

    Whether you decide to gawp at it or spend every waking hour playing on it, there can be no doubt that owning a pool table is seriously cool. True, you'll lose a bit of living space, but playing pool is what real living is all about, not lounging about on huge sofas or arranging ornaments on room-swallowing sideboards. Besides, nobody is going to want to come over to your place to play tiddlywinks*. So what are you waiting for? Your break…

    *Unless you're a supermodel, a rock star or you know something about tiddlywinks we don't.

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