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Wine Wedge

Stack'em and rack 'em

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    We see loads of kitchen-related products on our travels. Sadly most of 'em fall into the 'as-much-use-as-a-concrete-parachute' category. But once in a while we stumble across something that genuinely impresses. Step forward the ingenious Wine Wedge.

    Wine Wedge

    Stack 'em high!

    Ridiculously simple yet practical beyond belief, this nifty little product is brimming with 'why-didn’t-I-think-of-that' factor, and is set to become a must-have item for anyone who puts bottles and cans in the fridge. And that means you!

    As you can see, the concept behind the Wine Wedge is so basic it barely needs explaining. But for anyone who failed elementary physics, we will anyway. Basically this rubber wedge has been created to help stack bottles and cans in neat, space-saving formations, in either the fridge, cupboard or on any flat surface. See, we said it was simple.

    Wine Wedge

    Make a wine sandwich - kind of...

    The idea is to bung the wedge under the lowest possible flank of a bottle/can and then start stacking. You can use a single wedge for stacking against a wall, or a pair of wedges to create a sturdy pyramid of bottles or cans. Think of it as a virtually invisible wine rack. With just two Wine Wedges you can safely stack 6 wine bottles or 10 beer bottles. Wine Wedges also work on rung-style fridge shelves. Brilliant!

    Wine Wedge

    Moulded to the bottle curve

    If you've ever tried stacking more than a couple of bottles in the fridge you should already be sold on the Wine Wedge concept. After all, everyone has experienced a 'smash, bang, wallop' moment when reaching for the butter or searching for the sausages.

    And if any of you tightwads out there are thinking of creating your own wedges, don't. Wine Wedges are precision-engineered from high-quality rubber and their sloping edges have been specifically designed to secure curvy objects. So don't delay, hurry up and get ordering. Your fridge will be eternally grateful.

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