Wine Tasting Qualification
  • Wine Tasting Qualification

Wine Tasting Qualification

Become corkingly qualified

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    Enjoying a glass with the Wine Tasting Qualification

    I'm getting a hint of butterscotch... and a qualification!

    Once upon a time wine connoisseurs were pretentious ponces who spent all day sloshing expensive vino round their gobs before sounding off about refreshing acidity and brooding density. But not any more. Wine has lost its elitist tag and everyone likes a drop these days.

    So wouldn’t it be good to know a little more about the wonderful world of wine? And wouldn’t it be even better to have a nationally recognised qualification? Course it would. That’s why you need the Learn It Wine Tasting Kit.

    Wine Tasting Qualification course contents


    This fascinating course-in-a-box contains 10 bite-sized lessons and an activation code that lets you complete an online multiple choice test that can earn you a nationally recognised qualification at NVQ level 2 standard. Maths and English? Boring!

    On successfully passing the test you’ll receive a bona fide certificate accredited by OCN Credit4Learning. You can even progress to further study if you fancy it. Who knows, you could become the next Oz Clarke or Jilly Whatsername. You’ll never feel intimidated by a snooty sommelier again.

    Wine Tasting Qualification lesson cards

    Lesson Cards

    Even without all this qualification business, learning about wine is fascinating stuff. You’ll discover how to discern between grape varieties and wine styles like a pro. You’ll even learn how to gauge wine from its mere appearance in a glass. And there was us thinking the Blue Nun label said it all.

    Wine Tasting Qualification lesson card close up

    Learn it!

    But it’s not all thinking without drinking because you’ll need to buy recommended wines for each module in order to complete various tasks. You might have to compare a Cabernet Sauvignon to a Merlot and see which tastes more tannic. Or chill certain bottles to see which one tastes less harsh and astringent. It’s just like being a wine snob without the plummy accent.

    Let’s be honest, giving the gift of learning is usually a bit dull. But when it involves drinking wine it’s absolutely superb. Better still, you can contradict wine bores with complete confidence and back up your claims with a recognised qualification. Take that, Tarquin!

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