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Brand spanking NEW
  • Wine and cannabis, together at last!
  • Completely legal, don’t worry
  • A medium sweet wine with a daring blend of Mary Jane
  • Will NOT get you high, stashed, or stoned
  • Might get you drunk, pissed, or smashed


Most of us edgy dabblers have had to learn a harsh lesson at some point: booze and drugs DO NOT mix. Unless you love being sick. Which is a pity as, flavour wise, they make a pleasant combo. Luckily, the good folks at Winabis have found a way to make it work, without any of the dodgy side effects!

Screw open a bottle of the green stuff and have a glug. Medium sweet grapes, juicy peach, and a sophisticated note of cannabis. With an alcohol percentage of 9.5%, this wine is light and fresh, despite its jammy, complex taste profile. Yeah, it’s a bit naughty, but it’s completely legal and won’t get you high thanks to the lack of THC. (That’s the naturally occurring chemical in weed that makes you feel stoned, btw.)

Pro tip: Serve some up to your mates and don’t tell them that it doesn’t actually contain any THC. Watch out for anyone who starts acting stoned and then take the piss out of them. Hilarity ensues! They’ll never live it down!

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