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William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back

What light through Yoda's window breaks?

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  • Bard meets sci-fi in glorious iambic pentameter
  • Ripe with soliloquies and clever word-play
  • Accompanied with beautiful Elizabethan-style artwork
  • Yoda speaks exclusively in haikus, it's incredible
  • May the verse be with you!
It's undeniably the best film of the trilogy (yes it's just a trilogy, as if that other drivel counts) and now George Lucas' interstellar masterpiece has been given the Shakespearean once-over with The Empire Striketh Back.

This merry re-imagining is ripe with Elizabethan-era tragedy; it's got love, betrayal, battles, destiny, teachers and pupils. All woven together in the unmistakable iambic pentameter of the immortal Bard of Avon and accompanied by beautiful black-and-white illustrations.

Han: O, vile! These tauntauns have an awful stench outside, but nothing did I know of wretchedness, disgusting rot, and sick'ning filth til this new smell hath made attack upon my nose.

Lando: I prithee, tell me: what shall happen to both Leia and the Wookie? Vader: Never shall they leave this city
Lando: This doth push the bounds toofar! Imprisonment was never a condition of the bargain we did make, and 'twas not in the plan to hand o'er Han unto this bounty hunter!
Vader: Mayhap thou dost think thou has unfairly treated been?

Luke: Nay, 'tis not true! It is impossible!
Vader: Pray, search thy feelings, Luke. Thou know it is true.
Luke: Nay!

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  • "A real treat for any childhood star wars fan, knowing the words of heart makes it even funnier!"
    Tim - 10th of January, 2016