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    iPhone adapter

    Power sent straight to your gadgets without needing to plug them in? This is witchcraft of the highest order - electricity needs a cable, surely? Not any more it doesn't. The WildCharge is an incredible gadget that's about to break the shackles of normal, everyday charging. Every time you lay your mobile, BlackBerry or iPod on the WildCharge mat, it'll transfer all the juice you need directly to the device without you having to do a thing.


    Charge up to five devices
    at once!

    Let's face it, we're all losers when it comes to trying to find the right chargers. Every time you buy a new gizmo, it needs a new one, and pretty soon you end up with a cupboard full of the blighters without having a clue which one is which. Who hasn't had that terrible moment when your phone cuts off mid-conversation and you're forced to dive into a pile of nondescript cables to locate exactly what you need? It's worse than wrestling oiled eels with your hands tied behind your back. Fret no longer, for WildCharge is ready to clear up the mess on your behalf.


    8300 BlackBerry Pearl Skin

    How does such sorcery work, you ask? Pretty simple, really. The WildCharge mat is a flat, thin surface with conductive bars running across it that are fed from a power cable. The WildCharge comes with adapters that you can place on your mobile, BlackBerry or iPod that bridge the gap between your battery and the mat. When you look, the adapters have four tiny metal contacts that create a circuit when they're placed on the mat - thanks to their smart positioning, you can place the device anywhere and in any orientation on the mat and you'll still be charging up! It's as simple as dropping a brick - though nowhere near as dangerous...


    Mains powered

    Of course, when you're talking about controlling our buzzing, crackling friend called electricity, you want to be on the safe side. And you don't get safer than the WildCharge. The current only passes between the adapters and the mat, so you can put a cat on it if you like without having to worry about singed whiskers! You can spill drinks on it, lean on it - the only shocking thing about WildCharge is the sheer genius of it all.

    Universal Swing USB Adapter


    Plug USB tip into phone

    Attach swing adapter

    Place on WildCharge!


    The Powerdisc

    You've got the green light to clear those messy cables and chargers out as soon as you get your hands on the WildCharge: it can power up to five devices at any one time, with the same speed as you'd get from their normal charger. All you need to worry about is keeping your computer powered up for long enough to order one!

    Universal with Nokia 2mm tip

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