Wild Sling Solo
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Wild Sling Solo

Fantastic, bombastic, balloon-firing elastic!

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    Here at Firebox we're often accused of being immature. We can't imagine why, because products such as the Wild Sling Solo are quite clearly educational devices, created to increase our customers' understanding of projectile physics and Newtonian mechanics. Oh yes, and to drench the living daylights out of anyone within firing range.

    Okay we admit it, we're childish and proud of it. Which is just as well, because the Wild Sling Solo has got to be one of the most infantile devices we've ever had the pleasure to play with. It's also one of the most entertaining.

    Wild Sling Solo This monstrously powerful waterbomb launcher comes hot on the sopping-wet heels of the splat-tastic three-man Waterbomb Catapult. The only difference here is that you don't need any accomplices to fire it - this bombastic piece of super-strong elastic is strictly for solo soaking sorties. If you've any appreciation of physics you're probably wondering how a one-man catapult can be so incredibly powerful. After all, the human arm is only so long.

    Wild Sling Solo Allow us to explain: the Wild Sling Solo is designed in such a way that you need to use all four limbs to fire it. No, really! Simply get on your backside, put your feet into the Wild Sling's sturdy stirrups, pull back the balloon-loaded sling and release. It's a bit like trying to pull on a pair of spandex tights (so we hear). With a jaw-dropping range of 120 feet the Wild Sling Solo is perfect for strategic water bombing from a distance. The fact that you have to sit down and adopt such a ludicrous pose merely adds to the fun. Just make sure you're back on your feet and running in the opposite direction once your balloon hits its intended target.

    Wild Sling Solo Wild Sling Solo comes with 150 water balloons, so you'll be able to wage full-on watery warfare the minute you get to grips with the unorthodox but highly effective firing technique. The only thing you really need to worry about is getting soaked by one of these weapons of splash destruction before yours arrives, so get ordering!

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