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Wild Physics & Cool Chemistry Set
  • Wild Physics & Cool Chemistry Set

Wild Physics & Cool Chemistry Set

Learning with a dash of fun

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    Start mixing it up!

    When it comes to science education here at Firebox Labs, we take a very hands-on approach (or hands-in, if it’s Biology). Especially when it comes to Chemistry. What better way to learn than to mix things up yourself? So pop your white coat and goggles on and stand well back. The Wild Physics & Cool Chemistry Set is about to spark your children’s imaginations!

    Designed with kids in mind (so no need for a nuclear bunker) this brilliant kit is packed with all sorts of weird, wacky, slimy and springy science experiments for them to try. Step-by-step instructions guide them through the set-up and advise on any safety precautions. And useful information explains the reactions that are taking place, what to expect and how to tell if it’s gone wrong.

    The Wild Physics & Cool Chemistry Set supports the National Curriculum and lets children explore the world of elasticity, polymers, energy and motion without a textbook in sight. Distilling fun from learning? Now that is an exciting reaction!

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