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Wicked Wedge

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    two girls in the park

    Perfect for the park

    We usually save up all of our lounging time for the couch at home. Chairs, beds, the living room floor... these are all good places for sitting. But nothing lets you really push your loafing to the limit like a good sofa. However, there’s now a way you can prop yourself up, lie back, or generally lounge around without being anywhere near your sacred settee.

    The Wicked Wedge is your very own portable, inflatable lounger. Take it anywhere with you – the small (deflated) bundle will easily fit in your bag when you’re heading off to the beach, the park, camping or to Festivals. When you get where you need to be, just unfold and inflate.

    Girl on the beach

    Brilliant on the beach

    The waterproof mat softens whatever surface you’re sitting on, and prevents the wedge-shaped backrest form scooting away when you lean against it. It’s the perfect prop for reading, or watching the world go by, and makes a pretty comfy pillow too!

    What’s more, the Wicked Wedge is also a great way to support your back when you’re reading or watching TV in bed. And it’s especially handy when the sofas are full of guests. Save yourself a numb bum and a sore back from sitting on the floor and quickly blow up a Wedge instead!

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