WiFi USB Flash Drive Cufflinks
  • WiFi USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

WiFi USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

Tech? It’s all in the wrist

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    2GB of data in this tiny drive

    When it comes to cufflinks we’ve seen the lot. Not that we make a habit of dressing all smart. It’s just that trendsetting gadgeteers like us are frequently presented with high-tech twists on traditional accessories. But seeing as GPS underpants are silly and calculator bow ties are impractical, few of these items make the grade. Not so WiFi USB Flash Drive Cufflinks.

    Marking a brave new era in cuff-based technology (of course the genre exists), these incredibly chic cufflinks feature 2GBs of USB-friendly storage and, get this, a built-in WiFi hotspot. They’ll also secure your shirt cuffs. Awesome or what!

    Fashioned in rhodium-plated base metal with a gleaming silver finish, each stylish oval performs a unique function. Cufflink number one is the 2GB USB flash drive – just plug it in, drag your docs over and you’re good to go. ‘Now where are those blueprints to the secret nuclear facility? Oh yes, in my cufflink.’


    They look smart on any shirt

    Cufflink number two is even more impressive as it can be programmed to share high-speed WiFi internet connections. Just download the accompanying software, plug the cufflink into your computer (now there’s something we never thought we’d say) and you’ll get a wireless connection for your smartphone, tablet and other wireless devices. It’s idiot-proof and ludicrously cool.

    It's an ideal gift for wannabe spies, itinerant businessmen and fashion-conscious geeks. WiFi USB Flash Drive Cufflinks will be sure to impress Pussy Galore when you set up a hotspot before transferring your secret docs, especially in the boardroom. Now all you need is a decent shirt.

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