Whoozit Squeak & Chew Teether
  • Whoozit Squeak & Chew Teether

Whoozit Squeak & Chew Teether

Fun for gums

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    Interesting colours and shapes

    Teething is no fun. So when your young one’s baby teeth start to come through, give them something that’ll cheer them up and rub their sore mouth better at the same time. The Whoozit Squeak & Chew Teether has been specially designed for teething babies. The seven super soft teething arms offer an array of interesting colours and textures that are crying out to be chewed.

    While these are gently massaging your little one’s gums, the googly eyes and big squeaky nose will be sure to entertain them as well. It’s a great distraction from the discomfort of teething and makes an exciting and stimulating toy, even after their gnashers have come through.

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