Whoozit Pat Mat
  • Whoozit Pat Mat

Whoozit Pat Mat

The planets have aligned!

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    Baby using the Whoozit Pat Mat

    Baby likes the Pat Mat!

    The world can be a funny-looking place from floor level. Especially when all of the really interesting stuff is much higher up. Like food, nappy-changes and Mum’s face. So while your baby is having a little down time at floor level, why not give their senses a bit of a workout with the Whoozit Pat Mat.

    Just fill this sealable mat with water (warm if you like) and place your baby on top. A range of soft foam shapes float freely inside the clear mat, giving your baby an inviting, interactive, and soft place to play. It’s great for developing early motor skills as they learn how to move the stars and planets around. And it’s a wonderful way for parents and babies to play together. At least until the next mealtime or nappy change.

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