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Whoozit Busy Planet
  • Whoozit Busy Planet

Whoozit Busy Planet

Take a voyage of discovery

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    When it comes to baby toys, there’s no such thing as too bright, too patterned or too colourful. And to prove it, the award-winning boffins at Manhattan Toys have created Whoozit Busy Planet. Bursting with all sorts of characters, textures, patterns, shapes and colours, this chewably-soft toy is a giddy treat for your baby’s senses.

    Planet closed shapes and danglies inside of toy

    Starts off as a planet

    When opened, bursts into lots of different shapes...

    and vibrant patterns and characters

    But this world of colour is a valuable learning tool as well – sparking your baby’s imagination, rewarding their curiosity and developing their motor skills. Whoozit Busy Planet can be closed with velcro pads into a discreet blue ball, leaving only a couple of teething chews for them to play with. But pull the planet apart and it rewards them with a vibrant visual treat; and loads of different textures and details to explore (and chew on).

    When play time is over, close Busy Planet back up again or wash it easily in warm soapy water –ready for your baby’s next voyage of discovery.

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