Whoopie Pie Book and Pan
  • Whoopie Pie Book and Pan

Whoopie Pie Book and Pan

Mix ‘em, match ‘em, eat ‘em!

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    Whoopie Pie Gift Set

    Fully illustrated book and baking pan

    If you’re a pulse-fingering domestic goddess you’ll know that Whoopie Pies are creating a huge buzz in the baking biz. So why not get in on the action with our brilliant Whoopie Pie Gifts.

    Half cake, half cookie, sort of sweet sandwich, these delectable treats have taken the US by storm. And let’s face it, our friends across the pond are pretty savvy when it comes to diet-destroying yummy things. Mmm…spongy creaminess.

    Ingredients and book Using the baking tray Whoopie Pies

    Easy recipes

    Baking pan keeps their shape


    This luxe book is filled with more than 40 mix-and-match Whoopie Pie recipes, from classic chocolate with marshmallow cream to colourful flavour combinations such as red velvet, green tea and pumpkin with tangy cream cheese filling. Just like mom never used to make!

    As well as the fully illustrated, info-packed book you can also buy our special baking pan in which to cook six Whoopie Pies a pop. It really is an ideal pressie for sweet-toothed bakers and cake-scoffing snackers. Go on, the diet can wait.

    Page from thw Whoopie Pie book

    Beautiful photography accompanies the recipes

    Page from thw Whoopie Pie book

    Packed with quirky illustrations too

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