Who Tall Are You Mirror
  • Who Tall Are You Mirror

Who Tall Are You Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the tallest of 'em all?

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    Who Tall Are You Mirror

    How do you measure up?

    Everyone knows Danny DeVito is short and John Cleese is tall. But what about the likes of Jude Law, Jordan, the Hoff and David Beckham? And how about you? Are you taller than Robert De Niro? Would you tower over Snoop Dogg or make Dolph Lundgren look like him off Diff'rent Strokes? There's only one way to find out. No, not by hanging around outside The Ivy with a tape measure, by purchasing the Who Tall Are You Mirror.

    Who Tall Are You Mirror
    Created by the design powerhouses over at Suck UK, this high quality wall mirror has a celeb-tastic height chart so you can compare your stature with a long list of luminaries such as Woody Allen, Jennifer Aniston and Elvis. Brilliant!

    As well as being a great talking point when guests come a-calling, the Who Tall Are You Mirror gives a fascinating insight into the illusory nature of TV and film. Who would have guessed Kid Rock is taller than Stephen Fry, or that James Dean was the same height as Salvador Dali. It's this profoundly useless information that makes gawping and cross-referencing the chart so entertaining.

    Featuring loads of names from history, TV and film, this intriguing mirror is an ideal gift for celeb-obsessed narcissists. But even if you couldn't give two hoots about Melinda Messenger's diminutive stature or Clint Eastwood's impressive loftiness, we guarantee you'll be unable to avert your gaze every time you walk past.
    Who Tall Are You Mirror
    Indeed, if you think height charts are strictly for kids and Tom Cruise you'd better think again because the Who Tall Are You Mirror is as captivating as it is illuminating. In fact, the long and the short of it is that you need this mirror. Hang on a minute…Bruce Lee can't have been shorter than Ben Stiller. We demand a recount!

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