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Whirl Mini Mouse
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Whirl Mini Mouse

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    Using the Whirl Mini Mouse

    ErgoMotion™ pivot system

    Trying to control a cursor by fingering your laptop’s integrated touchpad is a bit like trying to play the piano with your knee. But unfortunately the majority of laptop mice are useless, primarily because they are so uncomfortable to use. Your hand simply isn’t designed to wiggle about for prolonged periods in such an unnatural position. Enter with a tilt, a lean and a nifty swivel the Whirl Mini Mouse.

    USB transmitter

    USB transmitter

    Brought to you by Smartfish, this award-winning mouse employs the patented ErgoMotion pivot system, allowing it to intuitively rock and tilt as you move it, automatically changing its angle to match your wrist and hand. This movement reduces the risk of injury because your hand and wrist are never in a fixed position. You’ll wonder how you ever swished your cursor without it.

    Front and side views

    The mouse will swivel sideways and forwards/backwards to give you a smoother movement

    Carbon and silver coated versions available

    Carbon and silver coated
    versions available

    Symmetrically designed for both left and right-handed users, the Whirl Mini uses an incredibly sensitive laser for ultimate precision so you’ll never click on the wrong file at the wrong time. ‘As you can see, this year’s sales figures are…er, wearing a bikini.’ This 800dpi laser also allows you to do your mousing on practically any surface, no mat required.

    Obviously any peripheral this advanced can’t be doing with wires, so the Whirl Mini connects to your computer via an accompanying plug ‘n’ play nano-tranceiver. Those boffins at Smartfish really have thought of everything. The only problem is you’ll have to use your current mouse to hit the Buy button before chucking it in the bin. Take it from us, this mouse rocks!

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