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Whirl Laser Mouse

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    Using the Whirl Laser Mouse

    Freely move your hand

    Chances are you’re grappling with a mouse at this very moment. But despite endless hours of wiggling it’s not getting any comfier is it? That’s because most mice limit hand and wrist movement, forcing users to do their jiggling in an unnatural position. It’s these robotic repetitions that can lead to RSI and similar waggle-induced afflictions. For this reason and countless others, you need the Whirl Laser Mouse.

    USB transmitter

    USB transmitter

    Brought to you by Smartfish, this award-winning mouse employs the patented ErgoMotion pivot system, allowing it to intuitively rock and tilt as you move it across your mat. It feels like it’s floating on air as it adapts to your natural movements, reducing injury-causing repetition. You’ll wonder how you ever swished a cursor without it.

    Side and front views

    The mouse will swivel sideways and forwards/backwards to give you a smoother movement

    View from above

    View from above

    Symmetrically designed for both left and right-handed users, the Whirl uses a high-resolution laser for ultimate precision so you’ll never bring up the wrong window. ‘Your wife’s Facebook page? No boss, you must be seeing things.’ This 800dpi laser also allows you to do your mousing on practically any surface, no mat required.

    Needless to say the Whirl is far too cool for old school cables, preferring instead to connect to your computer via an accompanying plug ‘n’ play USB transmitter. Those boffins at Smartfish really have thought of everything. So what are you doing still wiggling that traditional mouse? Make hitting the Buy button its final act and get rocking with the Whirl.

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