Whiplash Scooter
  • Whiplash Scooter

Whiplash Scooter

It’s an abomination!

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    360 rotating back wheel

    Back wheel rotates 360°

    Like the mutant lovechild of a scooter and a Waveboard, the Whiplash Scooter just shouldn’t work. It’s surely either one thing or the other... isn’t it?

    Nope! As it turns out, by combining the self-propulsion technique of the Waveboard with the stability and ease of use of a scooter, you end up with something that’s better than both.

    Blowing all other scooters out of the skatepark, the Whiplash gives a new dimension in control. The back wheel is free to rotate 360° so unlike most scooters, you can casually carve this one sideways, swing the back end out as you go around corners and even propel yourself along! Sure you can just as easily stomp the floor like other scooter users, but why bother when you can glide past with a wiggle and a weave?

    Built for riders of all ages, the Whiplash is a great way to learn the basics of Waveboarding before graduating to an actual Waveboard. But it’s more than just a training tool – whip it around skateparks, carve up the pavement, or slide it down hills. Thanks to its folding handle and lightweight components you can easily carry it around and break it out at a moment’s notice.

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