Which Cult Should I Join?

Guidebook for the Spiritually Bereft

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  • Written in a 'Choose your Adventure' style
  • Get the lowdown on 40 of the most high-profile modern cults
  • Includes the People's Temple, Heaven’s Gate, John Frum movement, and more!
  • Utterly ludicrous, but completely factual
Before you guzzle down that Kool-aid or give all your money away to start worshipping an alien race, just ask one yourself – Which Cult Should I Join?

Covering 40 of the most high-profile, modern day cults, this entertaining book is set out like a classic 'choose you own adventure'.

Work your way through the questions and learn all sorts of mad facts so that you can make an informed decision as to which absurd cult you wish devote your life to.

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