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Where's Moshi?
  • Where's Moshi?

Where's Moshi?

Is it... Iggy?

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    Fun for all Moshi Monsters fans

    Is your Mystery Moshling cute? Does your Mystery Moshling have bright colours? Is your Mystery Moshling part of an online global phenomenon? The answer to all these questions is of course “yes”, but it won’t help you one bit when you’re playing Where's Moshi?

    Based on the classic elimination game from the 1980’s, this colourful twist lets you enjoy all the loveable characters from the Moshi Monsters universe in a head-to-head challenge. Ask your opponent a series of yes or no questions about the Mystery Moshling in front of them. Whittle the possibilities down until only one suspect remains (or just take random stabs in the dark like we do).


    Is it Squidge?

    This brilliant re-imagining of a classic board game is a must for any Moshi fan, but can also be enjoyed by the whole family. Just pick a Mystery Moshling card, line up your suspects and start asking questions...

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