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Where we...  Wine and Champagne
  • Where we...  Wine and Champagne

Where we... Wine and Champagne

Commemorative cheers

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    Romance can occur in the strangest of places; at home, at the park, in a hotel room or even in a public toilet. Sometimes you’re out for a special dinner, sometimes you’re dancing in a basement and sometimes you wake up disoriented and soaked in garlic sauce. Ah, sweet romance.

    So what better way to celebrate that first [insert special moment here] with a loved one than with a bottle of bubbles dedicated to that exact spot? Seize the day and present your special someone with a romantic reminder of that monumental moment with the Where We... Wine and Champagne.

    Take your pick from a range of top tipples, featuring Champagne, Cabernet Savignon, Savignon Blanc and Prosecco (cheap champagne); each one hand selected for exceptional quality.


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