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Where To Eat Pizza

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Where To Eat Pizza
Love it as much as we do?
  • Slice by slice reviews from food aficionados across the world
  • Information on more than 1,700 pizzerias
  • Find quattro formaggi in all four corners of the globe
  • No pizza stone left unturned
Who doesn't love pizza? It's practically a vegetable. Americans consume 350 slices per second in more than 60,000 pizzerias across the country. FACT. Well, this is the bible for all you greasy-fingered pizza preachers out there.

Whether you're looking for the tastiest Neapolitan pizza in Italy, a deep-dish pizza pie in Chicago or a late night slice in Leeds. Where To Eat Pizza is there to guide you. Over 1,000 contributors have crunched and critiqued their way through over 1,700 pizzerias worldwide.

The book also includes other handy pizza facts and tips for the devoted pizza fiend. Like, how to fold your pizza like a pro and the art of the pizza box.

Think you know pizza? Think again.

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