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I want to ride my monocycle

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    Yellow version

    Also available in yellow

    Distinctive and utterly unique, the Wheelsurf is the only motorised monocycle in production. No, not the eyeglass worn by rich cartoon men with funny accents. We’re talking about this revolutionary ride-inside vehicle.

    The Wheelsurf is designed with an inner and an outer frame. The outer frame has a solid tube tire and serves as the actual wheel, while the inner frame uses a centrifugal clutch (yep, us neither) to rotate freely inside, supporting the engine, tank and rider.

    Steering is controlled by shifting your weight, and braking uses a combination of traditional hand brake and counterbalancing by leaning backwards. Basically, you become one with the wheel.

    lean arrows

    Simply lean to turn


    A fine looking monocycle


    Engine cut-out safety feature

    Ideal for any dense surface, the Wheelsurf can reach speeds of up to 40km/h and is a fantastically fun mode of transport for freewheeling fans.
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