Western Digital 1TB TV Live HD Media Centre
  • Western Digital 1TB TV Live HD Media Centre

Western Digital 1TB TV Live HD Media Centre

Stream your media all round the house

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    Streaming from the internet to your TV

    All your media in one place!

    Gather round the gogglebox and get comfortable, because we’re about to introduce the Western Digital 1TB TV Live HD Media Centre – the miraculous media hub that could solve all of your home entertainment needs.

    Whether it’s your own home-made movies, music collection, family photos or internet entertainment, this technological marvel lets you enjoy it all in glorious HD. Store all of your media (music, movies, photos, etc) on the high-capacity built-in hard drive and send it to any screen in the house.

    Thanks to the programmable remote you can flick through your media files and viewing options in a flash. The WD TV Live Hub media centre automatically finds and categorizes all the media you store on the 1TB hard drive (and any connected USB device) and displays it in one easy-to-view menu system.
    Diagram showing streaming music, videos and photos from the internet to the TV

    Stream from files on the hard disk or the internet to your TV with ease!

    Browse the internet through your TV and playback music and video clips from your favourite sites, or connect with your Facebook friends from the comfort of the couch. What’s more, with Full-HD 1080p video playback you can enjoy all the benefits of high definition video and the crystal clear sound of digital audio.


    1) Power button, 2) USB port


    1) Power input, 2) Optical input, 3) HDMI input, 4) USB input, 5) Modem input, 6) Video input,
    7) Audio (L), 8) Audio (R), 9) Video (Y), 10) Video (Pb), 11) Video (Pr)

    Forget trooping down to the video shop, or waiting impatiently for the postman, now you can catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster by streaming it straight from the internet to your TV. Browse through thousands of titles online and either stream your chosen title straight from the net, or download a copy to the hard drive to keep. No more missing the end of the movie because some nitwit before you scratched the DVD!

    Finally, fitting in with our motto that home media centres should be seen and not heard, this cool but quiet unit is designed to blend easily with your entertainment centre. Plug in, sit back and take couch surfing to a whole new level!

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