Weird Crushes: British Hunks
  • Weird Crushes: British Hunks
  • Weird Crushes: British Hunks
  • Weird Crushes: British Hunks

Weird Crushes: British Hunks

Weird and wonderful

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Weird Crushes: British Hunks
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  • Pit the sexiest, weirdest men in Britain against one another
  • Well, the sexiest, weirdest FAMOUS men in Britain
  • From the socially acceptable (like Richard Ayoade and Nick Knowles)...
  • … to the niche (Ainsley Harriott, Louis Walsh, Ed Miliband)
  • Who needs football players and Insta models when you’ve got these hunks?!


Gone are the days of the weird crush. It has never been cooler to admit that you’d like a Weird Weekend with Louis Theroux, to make a deal with Ian Beale, or to be filled up by Philip Schofield.

Pit the best of Blighty’s eccentric hunks against each other in this tantalising card game that's sure to have admirers swooning around the world. Just don’t be offended when your unconventional favourite has low ratings, SOMEONE has to be the worst card in the deck. Side note: please don’t get this game for any Mick Hucknall fans.

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5 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "You’ll get Theroux these cards quicker than it takes Simon Cowell to pull his trousers up. Includes the Albert Square casanova; Ian Beale. "
    - 29th of April, 2019
  • "So much fun! My friends & I had a blast playing it. Just as much fun coming up with who should be in the pack. Expansion pack??"
    - 4th of March, 2019
  • "Caused the biggest family debate of 2018 and loved every second."
    - 23rd of January, 2019
  • "This was such great fun!! It made a brilliant Christmas present- great for irreverent drinking games ;)"
    - 8th of December, 2018
  • "Bought this for my friend from university, we bonded over our weird crushes of British celebrities, its like you bugged us and created this"
    - 2nd of December, 2018