Weekend Hotel Kit
  • Weekend Hotel Kit

Weekend Hotel Kit

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    Sexy, romantic gifts need to possess a little 'ooh la la', a dash of 'ooh-er missus', a generous sprinkling of 'nudge-nudge wink-wink' and lots of thought. So that definitely rules out petrol station carnations, cheapo chocs and pound shop perfume. So how do you ensure your risqué gift is as classy as it is racy? Easy, you buy the smart and sophisticated Weekend Hotel Kit.

    Weekend Hotel Kit

    Vibrating couples ring

    This beautifully packaged set of highly suggestive goodies is brought to you by our good friends at Booty Parlor and it contains everything you need for a night of passion (bar an amenable partner). It really is the best way to get hot and steamy with that sexy someone, whether you're at home, on a romantic break or away for a naughty weekend.

    'But don't keep us in suspenders...what's in the box?' we hear you drool. Well, there's a one-time-use vibrating ringy thingy, two 'Safe Is Sexy' condoms, plus sleek miniatures of massage oil and lubricant. All right? Not 'arf!

    Weekend Hotel Kit

    'But don't keep us in suspenders...what's in the box?'

    Weekend Hotel Kit

    Lubricant and massage oil

    An ideal pressie for your wife or girlfriend (or both), this elegant box of naughtiness is guaranteed to put the spark back into your love life. And unlike similar gift sets there's nothing tacky about the Weekend Hotel Kit. To use a cinematic analogy it's more Last Tango in Paris than Confessions of a Window Cleaner. And if it were an actor, think Rudolph Valentino rather than Ron Jeremy.

    Weekend Hotel Kit

    Presentation box

    The point is this nifty little kit has got class written all over it. If you don't believe us just check out the mini bar next time you're in a chic hotel in LA, New York or Vegas, because many of America's finest boutique hostelries stock the Weekend Hotel Kit.

    Of course we'd love to elaborate about the various home trials we put the Weekend Hotel Kit through but this isn't that kind of website. So get ordering and find out for yourself. Phwoar!

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