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Weed All About It
  • Weed All About It
  • Weed All About It
  • Weed All About It
  • Weed All About It
  • Weed All About It
  • Weed All About It

Weed All About It

Weed ‘em and reap



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Weed All About It
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Duuude… this thing has, like… EVERYTHING
  • Your complete guide to breaking the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
  • Grow it, smoke it, eat it: this book has every bit of advice you need!
  • Suitable for rookies but experienced stoners will pick up a few tips and tricks, too
  • Basically the cool older brother you wish you’d had last time you tried this stuff


The UK Government reckons “cannabis is a very harmful, very dangerous drug that can cause huge mental health problems and addiction”. But we think there’s a bloody good time to be had with ol’ Mary Jane.

Providing you know what you’re doing, that is. And, let’s face it, you probably don’t. You probably still get your drug tips from your mate Spikey who spends all his time hanging around with greebos under the grotty gazebo in the local park. Step your stoner game up, honey.

This book has all the info you need to break the law cultivate your own homegrown weed nursery, how best to inhale your dank produce, and even how to eat it, if you’re hardcore enough for that.

We can’t promise it’ll give you a perfect batch of green, but the deets are all there for you to use. Plus, it saves you from digging through post upon post from dithery old Woodstock veterans on dodgy forums. That alone is worth £9.99 of anyone’s money.

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  • "Quirky- great gift!"
    - 5th of November, 2018
  • "Bought as a gift it will be well received "
    - 29th of October, 2018