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    There are 16 different Webkinz to choose from! View them and rollover the images to see their online characters here


    There's an online world for
    you and your new friend!

    Bringing your average cuddly toy to life requires oodles of imagination and a generous sprinkling of magic. But Webkinz are far from average because each one of these impossibly cute plush pets comes with its own special code that allows you to adopt a virtual version of your cuddlesome companion online.


    Unlock your online character using the code provided

    Simply key in the 8 character code and you'll be transported into Webkinz World, a virtual universe where you can adopt your pet, name it, play games, explore and have fun. Just like a real pet you'll need to keep your new best friend happy, healthy and fed. You can even choose if it's a he or a she.


    Small and cute!

    Already huge in the States, Webkinz are set to become a global phenomenon. Why? Well, for starters, there's just so much to do in Webkinz World. You can play countless games, answer questions (in Quizzy's Question Corner), adopt additional pets and complete various jobs that are available at regular intervals. By doing this you'll earn special virtual money called KinzCash, which you can use to redecorate your pad or buy clothes, furniture and food for your pet.

    Online features:


    Nurture your pet


    Play games


    News and events

    Shop for your pet!

    Chat to friends


    Design your own room!

    Thanks to KinzChat, you can communicate safely with fellow Webkinz fans online and even invite other pets over to your virtual pad. You can also create your own TV shows using the Webkinz Studio, visit the Curio Shop and collect special items. What's more there's a Pet of the Month feature where a specific pet is spotlighted and celebrated; register the announced pet during that month and you'll receive special gifts and invites. The whole place is full of fun and surprises and it's getting bigger all the time.

    To ensure Webkinz fans don't spend all day sitting in front of the computer there are even projects that can be completed in the real world. Those clever Webkinz people really have thought of everything.

    The Webkinz (Rollover image to view the online character!):




    Pink Pony



    Polar Bear



    Black Bear


    Black and white cat




    Pink Poodle


    A whole new world online!

    There are several Webkinz characters available but more are being added all the time. And if your furry friend is 'retired' from the series it could become highly collectable. We feel a craze a-coming! Indeed, once you've cuddled up to your lovable little Webkins and experienced the virtual wonders of Webkinz World you'll be totally smitten. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get ordering - we can't control this menagerie much longer!

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