Wean Machine
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Wean Machine

For a smooth transition

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    Seperate parts

    Comes apart for easy cleaning

    Make your baby’s transition from baby food to solid food that little bit easier with the Wean Machine. Like a giant garlic press, this simple device will squeeze any soft foods into an easy-to-eat consistency. And there’s no need to decant the smooshed food into a bowl either. Just use the supplied spoon to serve it straight from the Wean Machine! And when you’re finished, just pop the cap back on and the whole thing can be easily stored back in a bag or coat pocket. No mess, no fuss!


    Makes dinner times a doddle!

    The Wean Machine comes with two clip-on grills of varying size, for changing the consistency of the food. This way you can gradually wean your baby onto coarser food without changing the recipe! All of the components have been designed to be dishwasher safe and fit into most sterilising units, so you can always be sure it’s clean and ready for use.

    So forget carrying around jars of ready-made baby food. This lightweight, easy-to-use food press lets you serve lunch with the freshest ingredients and minimal fuss.

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