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We Rate Dogs - The Card Game
  • We Rate Dogs - The Card Game
  • We Rate Dogs - The Card Game
  • We Rate Dogs - The Card Game
  • We Rate Dogs - The Card Game
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We Rate Dogs - The Card Game

They’re good dogs, Brent

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We Rate Dogs - The Card Game
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Love it as much as we do?
  • WeRateDogs, but irl
  • The adorable Twitter account in card game form
  • Choose your favourite dog and be crowned best in show
  • Minimum rating: 10/10, obviously
  • Nearly 8 million followers can’t be wrong!


They rated the dogs for you on their hilarious Twitter account, now it’s your turn to dish out the scores. Spoiler alert: they’re all good boys.

Every player is dealt a set of dogs. Pick your favourite one and enter it in a dog show against the other players. Each dog is rated on 7 adorable categories - we're not talking boring old agility and gait here. It’s WeRateDogs, not Cruft’s. Think more like 'boopability', 'ears', and 'floof', all with a minimum 10/10 rating.

Use event cards to improve their ratings, or cause chaos and bring the adorable competition to their knees. In the end, one dog remains and will earn the noble title of Best In Show. Not sure why they’ve gone for that instead of ‘Hecking Goodest Boy’ or ‘Bestest Boof Baby’, given the rest of the game.

Endless fun for fans of the iconic Twitter account and dog lovers everywhere. Just get ready to have to explain a few of the twee internet phrases to your less-savvy mates, they might not really get what a ‘big chongus’ is.

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