Wave LX Caster Board
  • Wave LX Caster Board

Wave LX Caster Board

Bored of boarding? Sick of surfing?

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    Yes, it would take a fairly big splash in the world of extreme sports to knock skateboards off the top spot, but for an interesting, slick and definitely different way to carve up the pavement, why not give the Wave LX Caster Board a spin?

    Part of the (relatively) new movement of Waveboarding, this twisting two-wheeled platform lets you propel yourself along without having to stomp the ground. Just plant one foot on each deck and twisting your feet in opposing directions (incorporating a bit of a weave) will bundle you along.

    Easier said than done, obviously – learning to ride a Waveboard can be a tricky and time consuming process – but it’s a fantastic way to strengthen core muscles and improve your overall balance. And once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll find it far more manoeuvrable, responsive and lighter than a standard skateboard. The Wave LX Caster Board is great to learn on and would suit most riders. Redesigned with a wider platform, it provides as much stability as possible for something with only two wheels. The designers have also stripped out as much material as possible, making it well suited to tricks and popping off park benches – although you might want to work up to that.

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