Watermelon Power Bank
  • Watermelon Power Bank

Watermelon Power Bank

Fresh juice for your phone

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Keep your smartphone charged up with melon magic
  • 2,500mAh battery is oozing with power
  • +10 extra hours of Snapchatting, +14 hours of talk time
  • LED display tells you how much charge you have left
  • Handy carabiner to clip it on to your bag


Long hot summers means whole days spent out and about – playing loud music in the park, trying to find your way around Glastonbury... oh and a hell of a lot of Snapchatting.

Such activities require a fully-charged smartphone courtesy of the Watermelon Power Bank. Housing a miniature 2,500mAh battery, this juicy slice provides a whole extra charge for most smartphones.

That equates to:
  • 14 hours of Talk time
  • 10 hours of Instagramming
  • 11 hours of Video playback
  • 50 hours of Music
No one enjoys a dead phone, stay juiced with the Watermelon Power Bank

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