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Waterball Launcher

    Waterball Launcher

    Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of...Water!

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      On a scorching summer day, what could be more fun than a good old fashioned water fight? Nope, we couldn't think of anything either, and nor could the genius designers of the magnificent new Waterball Launcher SL175, who have not only rewritten the rulebook on water pistol design, they have also torn it into tiny bits, set it on fire while cackling manically and then put out the smouldering embers with a few well chosen rounds from the very device which caused the rulebook to be metaphorically rewritten in the first place. Oh yes!

      SL175 at the ready

      Traditional - and as of just now, hopelessly outdated - water pistols operate by firing a stream of water at your target. While this might be an effective way of soaking your victim it also lacks a little in precision, running the risk of collateral damage on innocent bystanders and/or office equipment. (Not that we are suggesting that anyone would be mad enough to engage in waterfights in an office...the very idea!)

      Close-up of launch sled handle

      Enter the Waterball Launcher SL175, truly next generation aquatic armament. Using an extremely clever patented mechanism which exploits the phenomenon of surface tension, it launches a perfectly formed ball of water (or "waterball") up to 10 feet!

      Reservoir cap

      You can fire up to 40 waterballs a minute, once your technique is honed, and the capacious reservoir stores enough for 175 waterballs (hence the name, SL175 - clever eh?). So it'll be a while before you need to rush off to replenish your ammo at the nearest tap.

      Rear view

      Such is the accuracy of this devilishly devious device that you can hit someone square in the forehead from across the office, with a bit of practise. Assuming you have a basic grasp of ballistics. And they don't move. Did we say 'office'? We meant garden...


      So don't settle for the indiscriminate spraying of water, which is of course a precious resource that we shouldn't be wasting! With the SL175 you can rise above the pack and become a super soaking sniper. Goodness gracious, great balls of water!

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