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Water Rocker Wireless Speaker
  • Water Rocker Wireless Speaker

Water Rocker Wireless Speaker

Play that funky music, white buoy

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    detail of buttons

    Has a built-in FM radio too

    Whether you’re lounging in a private pool or soaking in the bath, the Water Rocker Wireless Speaker is a great way to take your tunes with you. Completely submersible, this waterproof speaker will happily bob about in the water, pumping out your favourite music (Handel, whale song, Jaws theme, etc.) while your mobile or MP3-player stays safe and dry on the land.

    Just plug your iPhone, iPod or other audio device into the transmitter and close the lid. It’ll wirelessly beam your tunes to the Water Rocker where you can pause, play and skip tracks without leaving the water. And with a range of up to 100ft you can even carry it with you while you swim lengths. Anyone for water polo?

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