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Water Pebble
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Water Pebble

Shortens showers, shrinks bills

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    Water Pebble

    Time to get out of the shower!

    Taking a nice long shower is…well, frankly it’s silly. Because as well as wasting water it costs a fortune. But you don’t want to be looking at your watch and guessing how much water is whooshing down the plughole every time you’re scrubbing your bits, do you? No, what you need is Water Pebble. Just set it and forget it.

    This eco-tastic gizmo has been created to take the effort out of saving water by automatically monitoring water flow down the plughole as you shower. When it’s time to switch off, Water Pebble lets you know via its traffic light-style indicators. Simply place it near the plughole and you’re away. Green=start, amber=halfway, red=time to stop.

    Water Pebble Water Pebble Water Pebble

    Green = Start

    Amber = Halfway

    Red = Time to stop

    Water Pebble memorises your first shower and uses it as a benchmark. It then fractionally reduces your shower time (by approximately seven seconds, every time you use it) helping you to save water without thinking about it. Singing the ‘Aaaaaaaaah’ bit of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song is optional; whistling If I Were a Rich Man is actively encouraged (by us). You can even reset Water Pebble any time you fancy.

    Water Pebble

    Press to reset

    As the days go by your water usage is gradually reduced. Before you know it Water Pebble could help cut your average shower time to less than six minutes, saving over 20 litres of hot water per day. And as everyone knows, fewer litres mean smaller bills. It’s also very handy if you have a shared household and are trying to squeeze 3 or 4 showers out of a tank full of water, or want to ensure the kids don’t spend hours in the bathroom. You’ll also be doing your bit to save the planet. Which is nice. So what are you waiting for? Those water bills won’t shrink on their own. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off for a quick shower.

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