Water Bomb Factory
  • Water Bomb Factory

Water Bomb Factory

Splosh and go!

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    Girl making a waterbomb!

    Preparing the waterbomb!

    Chucking water bombs is not big and it’s far from clever. But who cares, it’s one of the most entertaining activities in the history of the universe (according to us). Trouble is, filling and tying balloons via a regular tap and ikkle fingers is time consuming and fiddly. So why not make things simple with the Water Bomb Factory.

    Simply attach this smart gizmo to a standard garden hose, secure its built-in clamp to any table or flat surface and presto: a temporary filling station for impatient water warriors. All you do is press and hold your balloons over the auto on/off valve, thread the end through the ‘quick tying arm’ and give it a tug to finish the knot. The whole operation takes under 6 seconds. Take splat!

    Placing balloon on nozzle Wrapping balloon/tying up Pull balloon to complete

    Place balloon over nozzle

    Wrap balloon around and pull through

    Pull balloon and you're done!

    If you’re planning an epic splosh-athon the Water Bomb Factory is perfect because kids (and infantile adults) can fill and tie up to 100 balloons in just 10 minutes. Out of ammo? Not a chance. Queue for the tap? Nah. So don’t just get ‘em nearly wet, get ‘em really wet. Splosh!

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