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Water Bomb Combat Kit

    Water Bomb Combat Kit

    Wage watery warfare with the Waterbomb Combat Kit.

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      As far as infantile behaviour goes, lobbing water-filled balloons at people is right up there with gluing pound coins to the pavement, smearing binoculars with ink and leaving drawing pins on bus seats. Thankfully, waterbombing has now been given a thin sheen of respectability via this handy balloon combat kit.

      balloons in hand Consisting of 20 red balloons, 20 blue balloons and two handy little pumps, the concept is brilliantly simple. What's more, you can forget all that trying to stretch the balloon around the tap malarkey, as the nifty little pumps inflate each balloon with water quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is tie a knot in your balloon and prepare to attack.

      balloons and pump Despite the advent of super-powerful hi-tech water pistols you'd still be amazed at the blast radius of a humble balloon, and the whole Grange Hill/Just William-ness of balloon-based warfare makes it all the more amusing. This really is a great gift for kids and phenomenally immature adults alike. Just make sure you don't get caught and put on detention!

      Watch the Water Bomb Combat Kit in action!

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