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Watch Ya Mouth
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  • Watch Ya Mouth
  • Watch Ya Mouth
  • Watch Ya Mouth

Watch Ya Mouth

Say it don't spray it

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  • Easily the funniest party game of 2016
  • Attempt to read out phrases while your mouth is pinned open
  • Teammates have to guess what on Earth you're saying
  • Successfully funded by hundreds of backers on Kickstarter
  • Hilarity and lots of dribbling ensues


Charades and Trivial Pursuit have had their day. If you play just one game this Christmas, make sure it's Watch Ya Mouth.

Slap a mouthpiece in your cake hole, flip the timer, grab a card, and then try your best to read out as many deliberately-hard-to-read phrases as you can.

Such phrases include:
  • Perpetual Pestilence
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Waffles, bacon, fruit and pineapple juice please
With your cheeks stretched to beyond their natural limits and your lips scarcely able to pronounce anything; you'll find yourself laughing uncontrollably and fighting back the dribble.

It's the job of your teammates to guess what the hell you're saying as many times as possible within a minute.
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  • "kkyss okks o hukbn (removes mouth piece) It's lots of fun! "
    Aidan - 15th of December, 2016