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Wash'N'Glow Caffeinated Soap

    Wash'N'Glow Caffeinated Soap

    Take coffee and tea into the shower? No way, we just wash and g-g-g-go!

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      Most people's morning routine involves the ingestion of caffeine - be it in coffee form, tea form or half empty can of fizzy pop form. Similarly, most people's morning routine also involves washing – be it in shower form, bath form or quick flannel-round-the-bits form. All of which is fine and dandy, but some of us just haven't got the time or inclination to faff around in the kitchen AND bathroom before facing the great outdoors.

      For this very reason, we've been looking for a uniquely Firebox-esque way to give you your daily caffeine fix and keep you clean at the same time. A tall order, but Holy Soapsuds - we think we've found one!

      caffeine molecule

      Caffeinated Soap has got us in a right old lather, because it's an all vegetable-based glycerine soap infused with caffeine. Seriously! As you merrily wash your bod, the caffeine is absorbed through your skin, giving you that all-important rush from suds to the head! In fact, we reckon a quick once over with a bar of Caffeinated Soap will supply you with an eye-popping 200mg of brain boosting caffeine.

      Soap in hand

      Scented with refreshing peppermint oil, each ingenious bar of soapy stimulation is guaranteed to get you going morning, noon and night. Indeed, we left a few bars around the communal bathtub here at Firebox HQ and the effect was amazing: a clean and wired workforce – now there's an interesting oxymoron!

      Caffeinated Soap smells great, cleans and fills you with beans, and we think it's the greatest innovation to hit the energy-boosting business in years. So order a few bars today and put the oomph back into bath time!

      Wash n Glow Caffeinated Soap

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