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Wasabi Beer
  • Wasabi Beer
  • Wasabi Beer

Wasabi Beer

Sushi me rollin’...

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  • Something for the adventurous boozehound
  • Fruity beers? Pfft. Wasabi is where it’s at
  • A bottle of beer brewed with REAL wasabi
  • As spicy as the real thing!
  • Brewed in Japan by Niigata Beer


Ah, wasabi. Japanese horseradish. Tickler of taste buds. A proud member of the Brassicaceae plant family. And now your new favourite beer flavour.

Goodbye, hops. Your yeasty maltiness has nothing on this spicy number. Say hello to Wasabi Beer. The magnificent wizards at Niigata Beer have combined Japan’s favourite condiment with your favourite booze.

Crack open a cool one and take a slurp - if you dare! It really does taste like wasabi, liquified. Good luck, grasshopper!
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4 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Great idea - a novelty gift at crimbo xx "
    - 22nd of January, 2019
  • "Great gift, apparently it's an interesting one but I would definitely buy it again. Arrived safely, wrapped up in lots of paper."
    - 18th of January, 2019
  • "Not so much as a spicy kick but more of a tasty flavour "
    - 17th of January, 2019
  • "Herbal, woody and minty aroma. Medium bitter taste, light sweetness, herbal notes thru out, very herbal. Maybe too much."
    Sam - 2nd of October, 2018