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Warp Mints
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Warp Mints

Hyper charged power mints

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    Green Tea Lemon-Lime flavour

    Pity the poor computery types who spend 20 hours a day tapping away at their gonk-covered desks. They don't get enough sleep. So praise the people who started making drinks and sweets rammed with caffeine in response to the coders' complaints of having to drink gallons of coffee every day just to keep their eyes open.

    Therefore, give a big shiny medal to Big Sky Brands Inc, who invented Warp Mints so that you could get a hit of mint and a stay-awake buzz, without pumping oneself full of Arabian Mocha Java.

    Warp mints are available in three great flavours: Original Peppermint, Cinnamon and Lemon-Lime (with Green Tea extract).

    The two natural ingredients taking its place each has life-enhancing benefits, apparently. Ginseng (from the roots of mature ginseng plants) increases stamina and guarana boosts your energy, and - botanical origin fans - comes from the seeds of the guarana fruit, prevalent in the Amazonian region of South America.

    Encircling this duo of nature's cure-alls is a deliciously potent blast of mint. But because the sweeties themselves are tiny, you won't feel like someone has held your mouth open and squeezed in a lengthy snake of Colgate. Plus, Warp Mints come in a very swish little tin - making them eye candy, as well as that for the tongue and teeth. If confectionery can be cool, then these are the Fonzies of the sweet counter.

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