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Warming Heart Pillow
  • Warming Heart Pillow

Warming Heart Pillow

<s>Cold</s> Warm hands, warm heart

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  • Get pumped up for Mother's Day
  • Gloriously soft exterior, pleasantly squishy and huggable
  • Infinitely more romantic than a hot water bottle
  • If you're a gamer you can pretend that it's an extra life


There are many ways to tell your Mum that you love her. Physically giving her your own beating heart is one of them – but why not make your feelings a little clearer with the Warming Heart Pillow instead? There's a lot less blood and it's a lot less weird.

Just pop this cuddly little muscle in the microwave for a couple of minutes and it'll stay super toasty for over an hour. Ridiculously huggable and blessed with a glorious soft plush exterior, it certainly beats using a boring old hot water bottle.

Spring is fast approaching and yet it's still bitterly cold outside – so why not give your mum this powerful organ so she can remain lovely and warm.

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