Wallee iPad2 Case
  • Wallee iPad2 Case

Wallee iPad2 Case

The walls have iPads

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    Wallee iPad Case Parts

    iPad 2 case and mount parts

    Your iPad 2 is a thing of astounding elegance and beauty. In fact it’s so cool it deserves to be wall mounted. That way, as well as admiring it like the gadget-obsessed geek you are, you can use it for a whole range of practical tasks around the home. For this reason and many more, you need the Wallee iPad 2 Case.

    Simply click your iPad 2 into this glossy hard shell case and screw its accompanying backplate and interlocking X mount to the wall. Once that’s done you can click ‘n’ lock your iPad onto the unobtrusive mount, in portrait or landscape position, whenever you fancy. Good, eh!

    Wallee iPad Case Parts

    Use the Wallee as a regular case

    No matter where you choose to position the Wallee mount, it’s guaranteed to add a whole new element to iPadding. Mount it in the living room for viewing photos, the kitchen for checking out recipes, above the phone or desk for message-taking and calendar checking, or even on the back of the loo door for a bit of YouTube gawping. And those are just the things we can mention without getting our knuckles rapped by Mr Firebox. The whole thing’s very Minority Report.

    Description Description Description

    Mark out, drill and insert wall plugs...

    Screw on the bracket...

    easily fix your iPad to the wall!

    Wallee iPad Case Parts

    2cm wall clearance

    When your iPad isn’t doing its wall mounted thing, the smart Wallee case offers über stylish standalone protection. Yes, we suppose you could attempt Blu-Tacking your iPad 2 to the wall but that makes about as much sense as nailing mince to the kettle. Besides, it won’t make that satisfying click when you lock it in place, just an alarming clunk when it hits the floor.

    We honestly believe the Wallee Case is one of the finest iPad 2 accessories in town, because aside from its sheer practicality and gorgeous build-quality, we’re pretty sure that when it comes to wall mounting, there most certainly isn’t an app for that!

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    Black case

    Clear case

    Black and white wall mount

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