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    The personal wake-up call

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      In an act of revenge against years of monotonous bleeping, or the pain of rising to a fuzzy, slightly-off-station breakfast DJ, comes the Wakeyoo, the bespoke alarm clock with a literally endless supply of alarm sounds. Endless, in that you supply whatever sonic snippet you want to be woken up by.

      What we really like about the Wakeyoo is its firm belief in lo-fi technology in getting the job done. Downloading one of 365 sounds from the Wakeyoo website? You’ll be holding the chunky clock in front of your computer’s speaker to do that. They’ve got some great ones – a howling monkey, rain, explosions, lightning, Tommy gun, cheap 60s sci-fi wibbles, fireworks, tennis rally, classic bugle call and even the irony of an old-style alarm clock.

      Clips of favourite songs, a classic bit of football commentary or your own monologues can also be recorded. The only drawback is that the recording time is only 20 seconds, but you can make good use of that third-of-a-minute with a bit of thought (the soundbite does repeat to give you a proper, lengthy alarm call).

      Plus, thereÂ’s the immense bonus of giving this as a present, having carefully opened the box and recorded a personal wake-up message to enhance the donation moment. How nice for the gift recipient to have something heartfelt spring forth from their Wakeyoo on their special day. That, or a volley of the worst kind of gutter language - the choice is yours.

      It has to be for the 365 sounds you can download...

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