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Waboba Water Ball
  • Waboba Water Ball
  • Waboba Water Ball

Waboba Water Ball

Plop, skip and jump

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  • The playful ball that miraculously skips and bounces on water
  • Poolside/seaside shenanigans will never be the same again
  • Like control and a little less bounce? Give the Waboba Blast a whirl
  • Far more gratifying than the best skippin' stone you've ever thrown


Waboba! It sounds like something Tarzan might say. Or maybe it's some kind of Australian bush critter, or an obscure character from Star Wars. Actually it's not nearly as exotic. It's a ball. Do not adjust your computer, we said it's a ball. But the Waboba is no ordinary ball because it skips and bounces on water. Unbelievable!

Set to revolutionise messing about in the water, the Waboba Ball is perfect for seaside/poolside shenanigans. Playing catch will never be the same again. Imagine a tennis ball with skipping stone-like agility and you're halfway there.

The Waboba Ball is made of polyurethane and has a special lycra coating. This mix of different materials somehow causes it to bounce and float on water. Don't ask us for a more scientific explanation because we haven't got one. We've been too busy playing with our Wabobas down the local pool to bother looking up the answer.

The second you see this miraculous sphere skipping across the waves you'll be hooked. Frisbees and tennis balls? Pah! With the Waboba Ball the water becomes part of the game, not just a wobbly obstruction. It's brilliant fun for all the family. (We can't believe we just said that but it's true).

As well as solo games (bounce and catch) the Waboba Ball is great for group games - you can try different angles, have a go at catching it with one hand or bounce it across the waves. There's even a proper tournament game where teams score points by passing the ball without losing it to the opposition.

Brilliant in its simplicity we believe the Waboba Ball will, along with beer guts, bad swimwear and sandy crevasses, become a ubiquitous sight on beaches the world over. So hurry up and get ordering before the entire planet goes Waboba crazy. Ker-splosh-boing!

If you think the Waboba Ball sounds like fun, you’d be right. But for more control and less bounce why not give the Waboba Blast a whirl. Lighter and easier to use than its splosh-boinging pro-standard sibling, this springy sphere is ideal for kids and perfect for games in calm pool water. And ‘cos it doesn’t bounce as high you won’t have to keep retrieving it from the ice cream lady’s cleavage. Boing!

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5 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Looks great to keep teenage boys and men away from their electronic devices."
    Gabi - 30th of September, 2015
  • "The orange water ball is great, it skims along the water and bounces like skimming stones."
    Jane - 26th of August, 2015
  • "If you have someone who's into water-sports and bouncing balls, this is the perfect gift."
    Sheeraz - 28th of July, 2015
  • "My Waboba Water Ball is fabulous. It's great fun for four or five people, made us forget how cold it was. Will be even more fun in the sun."
    Idris Jones - 14th of July, 2015
  • "Buy these. Find water. Waste hours. Awesome fun."
    Dee - 18th of June, 2015